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Alexander A.Selezenev,Senior Manager
Alexander A.Selezenev  
Email: sel@socc.ru
  • Completed the Effective Manager course. Level of Study Postgraduate in the Open University;
  • Ph.D., Physics and Mathematics, Russian Federal Nuclear Center - VNIIEF;
  • M.S., Chemical Physics, Moscow Physical Engineering Institute.
Research Interests:
  • MD simulation of the structural defects influences (micro pore, vacancies, and radiation defects) on properties of the metal and molecular crystal lattices. Development of the computer codes for MD simulation of structural changes in the crystalline lattice at impact compression;
  • Theoretical researches of the critical phenomena at the exothermal chemical reaction in the gas and condensed materials;
Selected Publications (In molecular dynamics):
  • Selezenev A.A., Golubev V.K., Ganchuk N.S.
    Effect of Temperature and Structure Defects on the Deformation and Fracture Dynamics of Iron Crystallites. Chem. Phys. Reports, 1998, Vol. 17(1-2), pp.295-305;
  • Selezenev A.A., Berejko P.G., Ganchuk N.S., Kreknin D.A. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Shock Wave Interaction with Defects in Solid. In Proceedings of APS Topical Conf. “Shock Compression of Condensed Matter” (Seattle, 1995), Vol. 1, pp.175-178;
  • Selezenev A.A., Golubev V.K., Ganchuk N.S.
    Effect of Loading Conditions and Structure Defects on the Nature of Stability Loss for a Two – Dimensional Crystallite. Proc. International Workshop “Materials Instability under Mechanical Loading”,
    St. Petersburg 20-22 June, 1996, p.37, (in Russia );
  • Selezenev A.A., Golubev V.K., Ganchuk N.S.
    Molecular Dynamics Study of Effects of Temperature and Structure Defects on the Maximum Strength of Crystal Lattice”. Proc. International Workshop on New Models and Numerical Codes for Shock Wave Processes in Condensed Media. St. Catherine's College, Oxford, 15-19 September 1997, p.40;
  • Aleynikov A. Yu., Voronin B.L., Golubev V.K., Selezenev A.A. Potentials in Molecular Dynamics Computations. Status and Development of Methods for Parameter Estimation. In Proc. of International Seminar Super – Computations and Computer Simulation. Sarov, September 2000, (in Russia );
  • Selezenev A.A., Golubev V.K., Aleinikov A.Yu., Butnev O.I., Barabanov R.A., Voronin B.L.
    Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Shock Wave Compression of Metals. In Proceedings of the Conference of the American Physical Society Topical Group on Compression of Condensed Matter, part.1, p.374, Atlanta, 2001
  • Golubev V.K., Selezenev A.A.   
    Use of Two - Particle Interatomic Potentials in Molecular - Dynamic Simulation of Isothermal, Adiabatic and Shock - Wave Compression of the Metals. Chemical Physics, 2002, Vol. 21, N 10, pp. 61-66, (in Russia);
  • Selezenev A.A, Aleynikov A.Yu., Ganchuk N.S., Yermakov P.V., Lobanovski J.K., Korkin A.A.
    SageMD: Molecular Code Software Package to Study Propertials of Materials with Different Models for Interatomic IInteractions.Computational Materials Science, Vol. 28, Issue 2, October 2003, pp. 107-124;
  • Selezenev A.A., Aleinikov A.Yu.
    Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the HE Molecules Decomposition at High Velocity Collisions. In Preceding of International conference New Models and Hydrocodes for Shock Wave Processes in Condensed Matter. Dijon , France , 9-14 April, 2006, pp. 96-98;
Selected Publications (In other fields):
  • Selezenev A.A., Kreknin D.A., Maksimenko M.R.
    Calculation of Critical Conditions for Gas – Porous Material Interaction. Chem. Phys. 1987, Vol.6, N4, p.548, (in Russia);
  • Lobanov V.N., Lenski R.G., Plotnikov Yu.I., Selezenev A.A.
    Calculation of Critical Conditions of Detanation Initiation According to Termal Mechanism. Combustion and Explosion Phisics, 1987, Vol.23, N1, (in Russia);
  • Selezenev A.A., Kreknin D.A., Lashkov V.N, Lobanov V.N., Fedorov A.V., Imkhovik N.A
    Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Aluminum and Aluminum Hydride on the Detonation Parameters and Performance of Mixed Explosives. In proceedings of the Eleven International Detonation Symposium. Snowmass. Colorado, 1998;
  • Selezenev A.A., Aleinikov A. Yu., Lashkov V.N., Klimov S.A.
    Calculation and Experimental Determination Parameters for Mixed Explosives with the Components of Aluminum and Aluminum Hydride. Workshop Report. International Workshop on New Models and Predictive Methods for Shock Wave Dynamic Processes. College Park , Maryland , USA , July 1999;
  • Potanin A.A., Lashkov V.N., Selezenev A.A., Strikanov A.V., Jak M.J.G., Kelder E.M., Schooman J.
    Explosive Compaction of Li-ion Battery Components. Journal of Applied Physics, V. 86, N10, 1999;
  • Selezenev A.A., Ganchuk N.S., Golubkov A.N., Kreknin D.A.
    Calculation of Equilibrium Composition and Establishing Time in a Mixture of Three Hydrogen Isotopes. Hyperfine Interactions, v.119, p.357-360,1999.